Why the White Hat?

The white, Stetson style cowboy hat been the symbol of the UEMA since 2009. Throughout American history, the White Hat has symbolized the good guys. Worn famously by the Texas Rangers in real life and in Saturday afternoon matinees by the masked Lone Ranger, the symbol was invoked during many training sessions by Mike Stever, a past UEMA president. Stever often used the hat and his historic value to explain UEMA’s mission in the most basic, passionate way. “What value, what role is that of the emergency manager to his or her community?” he would ask. “We’re the ones in the white hats, we’re the good guys.”

UEMA Past Presidents

2018 Cody Barton, UAEM

2017 Tal Ehlers, MA, CEM, MEP

2016 Brett Cross, CPM, MEP

2015 Chris Blinzinger, UCEM, CEM

2014 Hugh Daniels, CEM, UCEM

2013 Sheila Curtis, UCEM

2012 Jo Anna Larsen

2011 Philip Chaffee, CEM

2010 Jim Mason

2009 Marty Shaub, CEM

2008 Dustin Lewis, CEM, UCEM, MEP, CFM,ARM

2007 Mike Stever

2006 Ken Kraudy

2005 Jim Buchanan, CEM, UCEM

2004 Ann Allen

2003 Mike Stever

2002 Cathy (Diehl) Bodily, CEM

2001 Lance Peterson

2000 Jan Gibbons

1999 Arley Wallace

1998 Steve Layton

1997 George Becker

1996 Mike Stever

1995 Peggy Langille

1994 Kay Sadler

1993 LaMar Richins